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              About NanLong
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                Nanlong ( Lianyungang ) Chemicals Co., Ltd is (relocated and renamed from Jiangyin Longdeng Chemicals Co., Ltd) invested and established by a Taiwanese, Mr. Zhang Xianshi. Its registered capital comes to USD 7.50 million and the total investment of enterprise reaches 75 million. The company has employed 60 staffs in the company, among whom there are 5 technicians. After settlement in Lianyungang Industrial Park, Nanlong ( Lianyungang ) Chemicals Co., Ltd currently produces sodium cyanate, 98% methomyl and 90% methomyl powders. In 2013, our company plans to produce thiodicarb and it covers an area of 26,000 sqm.

                Nanlong ( Lianyungang ) Chemicals Co., Ltd was registered in 2006 and prepared to establish in 2007. From the launch in 2008 to 2011, our company has actually invested USD 7.5 million.

                Our company has possessed pesticide registration certificate: methomyl (PD20070075), 90% methomyl powders(PD20084082)and thiodicarb(PD20110263).

                It has obtained approval of thiodicarb producing fixed enterprise.

                Production approval certificate: 90% methomyl powders (HNP32079-A1787)
                                 95% thiodicarb approval certificate

                Enterprise standard: thiodicarb (Q/320281 NG 05-2009)
                methomyl powders(Q/320281 NG 04-2011)

                Jiangsu Lianyungang Chemicals Industrial Park is the first chemical industrial park established through approval of the state. The industrial park is scheduled to be a chemical industrial park mainly distributing such “intermediate products” as textile dyes, pesticides, pharmaceutical and high-tech fine chemicals as well as becoming the industrial base and privately operated economical growing point of Lianyungang City in the near future. It will develop into a larger scale and integrated one to have resources shared in the long period. For its prospect, it will develop into a modern, high-tech, garden type new chemical city with a size of small city. At present, such infrastructure as heating, water supply, power supply and sewage pipe network has been improved gradually. The temporary central heating boiler can meet the needs of enterprises in the park, water supply facility has already been put into use and sewage treatment plant project has already been put into operation.

                NanLong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co.,Ltd. TEL:15861606228 13906163369 FAX:+86-510-86515558
                ADD:Duigougang Town, Guannan Country, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province(Chemical Industrial Park)
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